Tales from the Tavern

Tales from the Tavern is a worldbuilding project between myself and Erik Aandahl, a close friend of mine. It started out when both of us got hooked on Dungeons & Dragons proceeding the release of the 5th Edition. Erik being an avid reader, and hobbyist writer, of fantasy literature, and me working as a writer and worldbuilder in the gaming industry for 5 years, we decided to make our own world rather than using the published books of Wizard of the Coast. The world began with a single location: Cohlm, the grandest of all cities.

As we expanded upon the city we also started adding small tidbits of information about other locations on the continent, which of course had to be fleshed out. Before we knew it we had a whole continent of peculiar settlements, shady characters, and plenty of stories to be told over a cold Schmuck at the local tavern.

Since the world’s humble beginning, I’ve taken to developing the world for a larger audience, and it’s become a frequent setting for my stories.

World Anvil
These past months I’ve been working on bringing the world to the World Anvil-platform. It’s a slow and tedious effort because I’m rewriting most of the articles in order to improve readability. My main goal is to make the world detailed enough for anyone to use it as a setting for their RPG-Campaigns.

If you’re interested in supporting the project you can buy me a ko-fi. All funding will go towards paying for artwork.